poly(γ-butyrolactone) PGBL

Chemical formula


General description

poly(γ-butyrolactone)  (PGBL)

  • only commercially available from us
  • non-toxic and fully biodegradable polyester
  • the highest hydrolytic biodegradation time among other polyesters
  • good compatibility with a wide range of polymers

Our innovation in the production of PGBL

Our innovative high-pressure strategy involving TBD-catalyzed ROP allowed us to produce well-defined linear and star-shaped (4-arms) PGBLs of high chain-end fidelity.

Sposób otrzymywania poli(γ-butyrolaktonu)”, P.436806, 29.01.2021; (patent application)



White powder

Molecular weight (Mn) determined by SEC-LALLS

Linear PGBL of Mn=4.0, 8.0, 12.0 and 20.0 kg/mol (on demand)

4-arms star-shaped PGBL of Mn=6.0 and 15.0 kg/mol (on demand)

Dispersity (Mw/Mn)



1H and 13C spectra of pure PGBL produced under organocatalyzed high-pressure ROP